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Winter is coming… and you need to get ready. During the winter our hair is prey to cold wind, icy rain and dry air. Also, the exposure to cold outside vs the heating inside is just brutal. Damaged, dry hair isn’t a joke and for it to be just a blip you need to take serious steps to keep it safe. Here are 6 helpful tips to keep your hair healthy this cold-hearted season.



Choosing your hair products based on smell, recommendation, price or just a long overdue loyalty is not good enough for the harsh winter days.

When choosing the right products, the only factor to calculate is which products are specifically designed for my hair? If you check the label and it doesn’t describe yours please switch now.

BIOTOP PROFESSIONAL developed many series, each specifically formulated for different hair types and conditions. Check out all our series collections to find the perfect series for you.

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Our hair deals with winter’s cold weather who sucks the moisture out of the picture and leaves it dry and lifeless. Use oils, serum and hair masks once a week to give your hair all the nourishment it’s losing during this season. You must attend dry and lifeless hair before it will lead to breakage, split ends and frizz, then the damage will be harder to treat. We can’t recommend enough our 911 Quinoa Series to add to your hair wash routine or our 69 Pro Active Curl Treat series for curly and wavy hair.  

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The shampoo is great when needed to clean the hair and scalp but using too much of it every day will lead you to lose some of the natural scalp oil and leave your hair vulnerable. Try to reduce the number of times you wash with it during the week for healthier results. While we are on this note – don’t skip the conditioner when you do wash and invest in an intensive formula for all the moisture it will give your hair. Consider trying out our 911 Quinoa Conditioner and use it only on the tips avoiding the roots.

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It is very cold, and you probably won’t go outside with a wet head anyway but it’s important to mention this. Going out with wet hair will cause breakage and lead to damaged hair. If you are in a hurry we will advise you to put on a hat, just not a tight one. A hat can keep your hair nice and safe during these harsh times. For treating old damages and preventing future ones we advise you to start adding 007 Keratin Serum to your daily routine. 

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Frizz, dryness and split ends are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to applying heat to your hair. We understand your motives obviously but is it worth it during the cold winter? Your hair is bound to get wet anyway so why bother destroying it for the long run? For your own good, try to avoid it. If you decide to be a little rebel and keep hitting the heat styling products check out our 007 Keratin Series for very dry, very damaged hair. 

Hydrate overnight If you feel the need for more moisture, then try this great way to give your hair back the moisture it lost by hydrating the hair overnight with oil or serum as same as a night cream for your face. Use our 911 Quinoa Serum on towel-dried hair every night before going to bed. The intensive formula of quinoa extracts combined with pure water is designed to repair and revitalizes the hair fibers while reducing the appearance of split ends. 

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