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Biotop Professional 911 Quinoa Superfood range

BIOTOP Professional’s 911 Quinoa Series features up to 10% pure Quinoa extracts in each product, providing hair with an intense boost of nourishment and hydration. This plant-based super food is a unique, naturally restoring hair treatment.



Chemically-treated or damaged hair

our specialists recommend consistent use of the Biotop Professional 700 Keratin & Kale Shampoo with 700 Keratin & Kale Hair Mask. Achieve a stylish appearance with 700 Silky Touch for immediate shine and silkiness.

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Scalp problems?

Defend against scalp issues with Biotop Professional 02 for excessive or mild dandruff & 04 for excessive or mild hairfall

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Bring back those

Hues & tones

with the Biotop Professional 19 Pro Silver restore radiant silver, white, gray and platinum blonde tones, as it neutralizes unwanted yellow and brassy tones. It’s enriched with Green Tea Leaf Extract to hydrate the scalp and help support healthy hair growth.

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